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End-to-End Project Outsourcing

Your business needs to be enabled and supported by IT solutions.

We take care of all your IT needs from start to finish with complete transparency: project management, analysis, development, testing and go-live

Managed Development

You are managing your own IT projects but need a partner for the software development and testing cycles.

Next to the technical team, you have a local contact person which translates all your business requirements to the software engineers and vice-versa.

Dedicated Software Engineers

You have in-house experience of handling IT projects but lacking software development capacity.

We have the right software engineers for you and you manage them directly. Our technical team consists mainly of civil engineers.

Our projects


Enetic offers intelligent, sustainable solutions to optimize energy management in buildings through the smart control and automation of various components such as PV production, battery storage, electric vehicle charging, and heating systems. Our state of the art technology utilizes artificial intelligence to ensure that your energy usage is optimised for maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Whether you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint or lower your energy bills, we have the solution for you. Explore our site to learn more about how we can help you achieve your energy management goals. 

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PurpleApp is a user-friendly time management system that helps you easily track employee schedules, attendance and task completion. From work planning and registration, monitoring progress, to reporting and accurate payroll. PurpleApp simplifies managing work hours for your business.

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We believe that a transport management system needs to go a lot further than simply tracking your vehicles and drivers. In addition to bringing stuff from A to B you also need to be able to manage and follow-up other important processes like in-address activities (pickup, signatures, ...), return flows, temperature monitoring, legal documents, etc. Our Nexus solution is scalable and requires minimal training hence allowing a quick implementation track.


Tag it, Scan it, Track it. With our Axon solution, we took on the challenge to build a warehouse management system running/scanning as fast on smartphones than on expensive scanning terminals. Additionally, we created full traceability and detailed cost and productivity insights from reception, storage, production up to outbound shipments. Since we only need a good wireless connection (3G or WIFI) and no printers we can do implementations at record speed… Even in the most remote locations.

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Porta Capena provides a bridge between a suite of fully integrated and fully scalable business management ODOO software and customized solutions to cover a full range of complex business needs.

As an official ODOO partner, we are specialized in implementation and integration of ODOO modules for sales, finance, operations, manufacturing, inventory management, project management to name a few. Moreover, we broaden the off-the-shelf ODOO solution with fully customized apps in order to satisfy all requirements. Our solutions simplify your business with all-in-one software.

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Smart Shopping

Smart Shopping app provides augmented in-store experience with full transparency and traceability of product in front of you. It helps to make conscious purchase choices and live more sustainably – with minimum plastic, returnable packaging and supply chain CO2 monitoring. Our app makes self- service shopping beautifully simple. Immerse yourself in a memorable shopping journey with your mobile phone. 


Ecoscada - our building energy analytics platform provides understanding and optimization of energy consumption for commercial and public properties.

We provide detailed recommendations for large-scale energy efficiency improvements and smart savings. Our energy analytics calculates productivity level related to indoor thermal and air quality comfort.

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A Software as a Service-based central platform to manage enterprise procedures, work instructions and checks in an easy way, while making the remote execution paperless and mobile. On Android and Google Glass. Once job is done you might analyze details of executions to improve your company.

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Solenco Powerbox  

Solenco Powerbox provides a one-stop solution for both heat and power needs. Unlike battery systems it can store for hours to months without degradation as it uses compressed hydrogen gas as energy storage.

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Our clients

Porta Capena team has very well succeed in understanding the goal of the application and the specificities of my business, as well as in building the application in an expeditious way and even in leveling up its functionalities beyond my expectations.

The people of Porta Capena excel in quickly grasping the project's business context and bringing up adequate solutions, showing extraordinary knowledge of the latest technologies as well as time-tested development techniques. Timing and quality have consistently met and exceeded my expectations.

The increasingly scientifically-based models applied in EcoSCADA makes it more and more the market leader in products for energy management.