Who we Are

Porta Capena was founded in 2001 by an international team of specialists from Belgium and Poland with vast experience in electronic engineering, databases, software and hardware. We think that your success requires much more than IT. As a passionate team of agile and skilled professionals we offer to our clients simple and lean solutions. Our company has over ten years of experience in building smart solutions for optimization of energy usage and business processes support. By combining knowledge from different markets and businesses, Porta Capena can deliver high-end tools, which are often the gate to modern IT world for companies which see added value of constant improvement.

Our mission

Porta Capena strives to become an affordable provider of knowledge and solutions for business. By working with clients in different countries we learned how to provide complete turn-key solutions, how to help in building hybrid systems of hardware and software of different suppliers. We prepare bridges between old and new world of IT to meet client's needs.